TJ Leather

Thresea and John McCrady

   Our story began in 1973. Johns dad " Leon" had made leather items since he was injured in WWII.  John shared this craft with me in 1973.  When John when  away to college in 1974, Leon gave me his leather tools so I would have something to do while John was at WVU.

    We got married on May 18, 1975 and did our first show in September of 1975.  Doing leather craft at shows is  what helped us to pay for our college at WVU. We did shows throughout the next 18 years until our children had us involved with boy scouts, girl scouts, and soccer games on the weekends.  

    So TJ Leather when on the back burners for a few years.  Then in 2012 we talked about retirement and chose to concentrate our efforts in building TJ Leather. 

  I retired February 28, 2013 and John  retired in  April 2016.  Since we are both retired there will be not limits on were we will go.